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Basketball Game: Metta School & Singapore Pools

12 students from basketball CCA were fortunate to have a friendly game with staffs from Singapore Pools. Mr Steven Teo coordinated the date and time for the game and also arranged for Mcdonald meal for students, teacher and the basketball coach.

 Staffs and students were divided into groups (4 by 4 each group) so that everyone had a chance to play. It was a good challenged for the students as they needed (as Mr Darren (HOD, PE) had said) the boost and only if they are challenged can they learn to better their skills and techniques of playing. The coach, Mr Walter, was able to ensure the smooth flow of the game.

Staffs from Singapore pools though, much older, showed so much of energy and they did not give up playing with the students. Students and staffs were able to bond and soon they were talking to each other and students were feeling “less shy” and showed respect to all the staffs who were much older than them. What better way to  instil respect for one another and knowing that age is no barrier to communication and playing a game.

Soon it was time to wrap up. Students “shake hand”’ with all the staffs to thank them for taking their time to come to Metta School to bond and play a game with them. We hope Singapore Pools will continue to support Metta School.

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