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Buddy IN is project started by National Council For Social Services. The objective of the program is to provide a platform through various indoor and outdoor activities for Metta students and ITE College East students to build friendship. This is the 3rd year of the project. The V3 students are involved.

Some of the enriching activities includes:

  • Amazing Race outside Universal Studio and Kite Flying at Bishan Park. These were mass outings with other Sped schools involved in the Buddy IN program
  • Captain Ball and Dog and Bone within ITE premises
  • Amazing race at Geylang during the Ramadan month and break fast with Muslim students at a restaurant
  • Overnight Outing starting with games at East Coast Park, bowling at Kallang Leisure,supper (roti prata) at Simpang Bedok and finally back to Metta School at 5am for group reflection, breakfast and relax
  • Metta Run at Sports Hub where the group participated in the 10 km run.


The students will be creating awareness of the Purple Parade in October, where they will help to distribute flyers on Purple Parade and they will join the carnival on the actual day.

This is a good initiative as students open up to each other and overcome the fear of making friends. During the activities, students understand that building friendship is putting in effort and with the right values and attitude, and others will easily be their friends.

What do students have to say about the Buddy IN program?

“We played Captain Ball and Dog & Bone. I enjoy Buddy In because it helps me to build my courage to talk to others.” – Mara

“I liked building tower with my buddies. We helped others to work it out by being kind. We also worked together as a team.” – Nashruddin

“It was my first time to Bishan Park to fly a kite. My buddy helped me to design the kite. I have learnt good communication with my buddy while flying the kite.” – Pei Hua

“ We did midnight bowling and after bowling we went to Simpang Bedok for roti prate. We had a lot of fun and we got to know each other.” – Khairul

“We went to Sentosa and we played amazing race and I had so much fun.” – Kiefer

“I like that they are very friendly and kind. They make me laugh and I wish to go out with them.” – Ying Shao

“I like about Buddy IN is they interact with me and support me so I do not give up.  I am slower than them, I hope one day they will understand.” – Sarhan


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