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Camp Challenge 2018

The school has organised a 3 days 2 nights Team Excellence programme from 8th to 10th May at Sembawang Campsite as part of the school outdoor education programme. This is to provide our students from upper B(10 to 12 years old) and both lower and upper C programme(12-14 years old) with the opportunities to apply self-management skills as well as appropriate social behaviour learnt in school.

Upon checking in at the campsite, schedules and instructions were provided by the group leaders to help our students to orientate with the new environment and to follow the schedules set. The students were also guided to carry out camp routines and manage their own schedules such as what to bring into the shower, separating soiled clothes from clean ones, and getting prepared for outdoor activities.

Activities for Day 1:

“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.” ~Theodore Roosevelt

Activities for Day 2:

“Never be afraid to try new things, and make some mistakes, it’s all part of life and learning.”

Day 3 Reflection

Reflection encourages expression and learning.

Reflections can be in writing, speaking or even drawing.

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