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Campfire Burning! Campfire Burning!

Metta ‘Simba’ scouts participated in the Extension Scouts Campfire on Saturday, 23 August 2014. This campfire, organised by Raffles Institution started with a mini carnival and ended with a small celebration. There were seven other schools that joined in the event, and we were the first school to arrive.

The carnival consisted of five game stations. Unfortunately, due to time constraint, we managed to participate in four of the stations.  At the first station- Chopstick Conundrum, players were instructed to pick up and transfer M&Ms using a pair of chopsticks from one end to another, as many as we can without dropping them. We did pretty well and collected M&Ms within 15 minutes. At the second station, The Knots, our scouts were given the chance to learn the basic SS knots; bowline, reef knot, sheet bend, thumb knot. We proceeded to the third station, The Ball Bounce, where we had to bounce a ping pong ball into the egg trays. It was not an easy game for some of us. The fourth station was called the Kangaroo Relay. We lined up in a row and had to pass the basketball under our legs to the person behind and continue to do so within 5 minutes. We enjoyed ourselves at the carnival. After that, we headed back to the lecture theatre to sing some campfire songs!

After dinner, we got ourselves ready for the campfire. The theme for this year’s campfire was “IN THE JUNGLE.”  The campfire ceremony was the ‘wow’ factor of the night. The way in which the campfire was lit up and brought down from the 2nd storey to the site was spectacular! The event was officially opened by our Guests of Honour, Mr Desmond Chong and Ms Suraya. All the schools showcased their talents in a variety of performances- dance items, songs and skits. Metta Simba scouts did a short skit & dance entitled, “Tarzan, the jungle friend.”  It was a superb night, and we sang, danced and cheered for one another. One scout member, Lim Chin Yong won the best monster prize. He was very scary! 02 Raffles Scouts put up the grand finale performance which was, a dance medley. They were very energetic and danced really well. Before wrapping things up, we had our prize giving ceremony. Metta Simba Scouts won the Early Birds award. As the event came to an end, we were alittle bit sad that we had to go off. We made new friends and shared so much laughter. We certainly enjoyed ourselves.

Our Metta ‘Simba’Scouts cannot wait for the next campfire!

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