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Deepavali Celebration – AM Session

On 23 October, the am session celebrated Deepavali which symbolises the “Festival of Lights” to Hindus all over the world.

To begin with the celebration, Savin ( V1-7 ) and Rani ( V2-1) presented the “Celebrate With My Family” power point during assembly time. After that, the students continued with activities in their classes.

During class activities, teachers related the reasons for celebrating this special occasion and its importance for the Hindus. Teachers also talked on the traditions and rituals that the Hindus would do on Deepavali Day. To recap what they were told, students had class discussion and a quiz.

Another exciting part of the class activities, was solving a Rangoli Puzzle. Students from C and V Programmes had to add designs and colour on the “odd” shaped petals and then put them together to solve the puzzle. Students were made to think out of the box to present this challenging task given. This would remind on the quote by Albert Einstein”I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions which they can learn.” Students from the ASD classes created the Rangoli out of cupcakes. The formation of the Rangoli was done with 365 cupcakes! It was indeed another challenging task by the teachers and students of the A programme.

To complement with the celebration, students had Muruku and Chicken Nasi Briyani for their recess. Ms Selina and her V4 students whipped up the delicious food. They had worked hard to ensure that we had good food (doing the marketing, cooking and even serving ).

The celebration ended with prize presentation where three classes, V2-2, PV-1 and C4-1, came up with the most interesting and beautiful Rangoli designs. Students and teachers had fun working together and it had been a well spent time to make the Deepavali celebration a memorable and exciting event!

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