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Earth & Green Day Cum Kindness Movement Week 2017

The Kindness Tree standing tall at the foyer of Metta School.

Led by Ms Bee Ngah, the Committee members consisting of Ms Ann, Ms Calice, Ms Farhanah, Ms Joycelene, Ms Sock Bee and Mr Philip, have planned a series of exciting activities for the school.

Leading up to the Kindness Movement Week from 24 April to 28 April 2017, teachers were encouraged to pen down messages with words of kindness on the leaves or flowers. These slips of kind messages were then put up on the Kindness Tree, creating a prominent structure in Metta School.

It is heartening to see many kind notes on the tree, acknowledging and showing gratitude to the kind souls in the individuals’ lives.

In the afternoon of 21st April on the Earth and Green Day, students were involved in a session of craft-making. These hands-on activities are designed to raise the students’ awareness on being kind to the earth. Many classes have made use of recycled materials to make their very own art piece!

We had a prize presentation to award our talented students for their efforts in the craft-making session. Congratulations to all award winners!

In a nutshell, the students have enjoyed the activities tremendously and at the same time, learnt how to be kind to the earth. The knowledge on how to be kind to the people around us and the earth has been promoted and broadened in the school. We are confident that kindness is here to stay!

Written by: Joycelene Chiau


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