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Freshman Orientation

Off to School We Go!

Metta School held its freshman orientation for its new student cohort on the 3 and 4 January. Activities with individual objectives were planned for the various academic levels of students based on their capabilities, interests and age groups.

The two-day orientation programme for all Metta School students consisted of a school tour, team games, decoration of the classes’ notice boards and various interactive activities.

Objectives of orientation activities for various programmes:Freshman Oritentation 1MID (Mild Intellectual Disability) Junior students (PM session)-

  • Reduce the anxiety level of new students by familiarising them to the physical environment, their teachers and their classmates.
  • Create a welcoming environment through team building games, promote positive attitude and stimulate an excitement for learning.
  • Educate the right tone for the school year (school values, class rules, class routines) as well as academic expectations. Daily schedules and routines are also introduced to all.

Activities include School tour, team games, class notice board decoration, interactive activities have been carried out and all students enjoyed the two full days of activities.

MID (Mild Intellectual Disability) Senior Programme students  (AM session)

Freshman Oritentation 2

  • Building teamwork
  • Cultivating creativity
  • Instilling awareness of product quality & presentation
  • Knowing the school values &
  • Knowing our neighbourhood

Day One:
The orientation kicked off with its first activity ‘The H (Hospitality) Factor’.
Students worked in teams and participated in cake decoration, dessert decoration and hamper-wrapping to bring out the creativity and team bonding among them.

Freshman Oritentation 3

Decorating Jell-O in The H (Hospitality) Factor

Freshman Oritentation 4

Teamwork clearly evident among students in the cake decoration competition

Day Two: A challenging out-of-school activity, Treasure Hunt, marked the highlight of the day. Students worked in teams to explore the community and facilities of the Simei neighbourhood as they were tasked to associate public facilities to Metta School’s values and simulate actions of the values through the teams’ Whatsapp chat group.

Freshman Oritentation 5Treasure Hunt – NPP- Respect the Law & Society

Freshman Oritentation 6Strengthening Body & Spirit in Nature- Resilience

Freshman Oritentation 7Knowledge – Connecting with others through learning together

Freshman Oritentation 8Openness – Respecting different beliefs & religions

ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Programme students

Programmes were organised differently for students with ASD. The programme consisted of fun activities and some classroom time. This was to give the students a chance to know their classmates and teacher. For the PM session students who transited into the senior programme in 2017, they were brought around the School to view the various skills rooms (ASD Programme Kitchen, Laundry Room, The Pre-Vocational Skills Room, Housekeeping equipment and other ASD Programme classrooms) which they would be utilising during the school year. For some, it was also the first day in Metta School. Hence, teachers prepared more hands-on activities for the students and engaged them in trying out all the games.

Day One: The Health and Fitness Team planned a host of fun activities to excite the junior and senior students. Hopping around five game stations stations, Metta School students tested their shooting ability with Nerf guns, attempted the hoop challenge, took turns at the shoot-in-the-hoop basketball game and played Ping Pong Tic Tac Toe and stacking cards altogether.

Freshman Oritentation 9Ping Pong-Tic Tac Toe

Freshman Oritentation 10Hoops Challenge

Freshman Oritentation 11Shoot-in-The-Hoop basketball

Freshman Oritentation 12Nerf Gun Challenge

Day Two: An indoor classroom activity gave Metta School’s teachers the opportunity to familiarise students with the School’s routines and to settle them in for some quiet activities while interspersing the day’s programme with various table games.

Senior ASD Students at various games stations set up by teachers

Freshman Oritentation 13Pongket Ball

Freshman Oritentation 14Cup Castle

Freshman Oritentation 15Lava Jump

Freshman Oritentation 16Clip Clip All The Way

Freshman Oritentation 17Matching Ice Cream sticks


Junior ASD Students having a ball of their time with games and activities

Freshman Orientation 18

Freshman Orientation 19

It was a fruitful two-day orientation for every Metta School students as they had a good time interacting with their peers, engaged meaningfully in diverse activities, building relationship with their teachers and most of all, ready to start a new school year with Metta.

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