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Health and Fitness

The Adapted Physical Education (APE) department staff helms the Health and Fitness programme, which plays a vital part in our students’ development and well-being.  The curriculum includes routines that develop muscular strength, endurance to sustain work and the acquisition of occupational health and safety skills such as first aid. Student led mass exercises are carried out on a weekly basis with the usage of “weights” made from everyday items such as recycled bottles to strengthen the students’ arm muscles.

Students also learn to access community sports facilities for recreation and sports, to integrate them into the community via sports and physical activities so that they transition into the community with ease.


课程包括提高力量,耐力以维持工作以及灌输安全技能(如急救)。 每周学生体育领袖也领导大家进行集团运动,使用日常物品制成的“砝码”,例如回收瓶,以增强学生的手臂肌肉力量。


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