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Metta School Ukulele Ensemble VIA Collaboration with Victoria Junior College Guitar Ensemble

On Friday, 27th May 2016, Metta School Ukulele Performing Arts Group held its first mini-concert in collaboration with Victoria Junior College Guitar Ensemble. This mini-concert provided an opportunity for Metta School to showcase talents and was a platform for the Victoria Junior College (VJC) students to practise values in action (VIA) as they interact, coach and collaborate with our students. Guests from the National Arts Council (NAC), Victoria Junior College (VJC), Metta School Management Committee (SMC) as well as parents of the performers were invited to the event.

That morning,  JC 1 students from VJC organized a variety of activitiees to introduce musical instruments to Metta students from C3, C4 and ASD morning  classes. Students participated happily in these interesting and fun-filled musical activities. They had a good time exploring and playing various musical instruments and games at different stations.

VJC Interaction Collage 1

At the same time, the JC2 students were practising with the Metta Ukulele group students for the performance. In fact, they had been rehearsing for several months this year in preparation for this mini concert despite their hectic schedule.

The mini-concert started at 1:00pm. It was graced by Mr Kenneth Kwok, Director , National Arts Council, Mr Liu Yonglun , Ms Euniec Yap, managers from National Arts Council, Vice-Principals and staff of Victoria Junior College, and the members of Metta SMCs.

At the mini concert

VJC Interaction Collage 2

Mr Gasper, the instructor introduced the performing items and brought the audience through various pieces of wonderful music played by the students from both groups, beginning with the JC2 students playing several pieces from the Disney Collections like ‘’Colours of the Wind’’ from Pocahontas and more. The concert ended on a high note when Metta students performing together with the JC2 students to a tune on “You Are My Sunshine and Edelweiss”.


The audience were impressed by the talent, professionalism and confidence of the student performers. It was definitely a highlight for Metta School and VJC and another successful collaboration between the two.



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