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MOE Jalan Bahtera Outdoor Adventure Camp 2013 Featured

At 7.30am on a school holiday in September, students from classes B5 to C4 gathered excitedly in the school foyer for the much anticipated Outdoor Adventure Camp.

Prior to departure to the campsite, the students met with their group leaders from High Achievers and got into their respective groups. They sat under the glorious azure blue sky and started the ice-breaking activities pronto.

A one-hour bus journey brought the students to a place closer to elements of the nature – MOE Jalan Bahtera Outdoor Adventure Camp.

It was the first for many to experience staying a hut where natural wind is their fan and some say air-con when it hits 3am in the unearthly hours at night. Sleeping on wooden floorings and showering without heater, it is an environment surrounded by the greens without any signs of concrete.

Over the two days and one night stay (for B5 to C2 classes) / three days and two nights stay (for C3 to C4 classes) at the camp site, students were introduced to both high and low element activities- such as the Flying Fox, Abseiling, Rock-Climbing and standard obstacles courses; through which they acquired skills and improved on learnt about perseverance, confidence-building and most importantly, team-work. Even with the unrelenting rain that poured during their stay, such activities were not foiled as the various team-building programs were well prepared to suit the weather-change. The Night Confidence Walk saw how students boost one another’s confidence through encouragement given by fellow peers. At the Reflective Campfire, students learnt about appreciating all things in life as well as making choices. Although it was inevitable that many missed home during the night stays, it was certainly heartening to see their peers providing comfort to one another.

Through this camp, students brought home with them not just mud and a bagful of soiled clothes, but an unforgettable experience on independence, confidence and friendship.