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Metta School offers special education for students aged 7 and 21, with mild intellectual disability (IQ level: 70 – 50) and/or autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The school has five main programmes for different age group and profile of students: Autism (A), Basic (B), Career (C), Vocational (V), and Employment Pathway Programme (EPP).

本校设有5个主要课程,包括自闭症 (A)、基础 (B)、谋生 (C)、职业 (V) 及就业途径计划 (EPP)。

Supported by the Ministry of Education, National Council of Social Service and Metta Welfare Association, we strive to help our students to function optimally as self-reliant and contributive individuals, empowering them with the means to lead independent and meaningful lives.

Our curriculum aims at equipping students with capacities to:

  • Have self confidence
  • Understand themselves and the world around them
  • Manage self and their relations with others
  • Participate effectively and contribute to the community

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