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Chinese Orchestra

Metta School Chinese Orchestra


The Metta School Chinese Orchestra was founded in 2003 and currently has about 50 members, including both Chinese and Malay pupils. It is a platform for our students to get in touch with the various Chinese Orchestra instruments such as erhu, dizi, ruan, yangqing, double bass, cello, and percussion.

Under the guidance of conductor Mr Steven Goh, and with the assistance of various sectional instructors, we aim to groom our pupils to be able to play the instruments with confidence and enthusiasm.

To date, we have delivered more than 30 performances, including acts at Very Special Arts (VSA) concerts, as well as a performance during Chinese New Year light-up at Chinatown in 2004. 

Through our participation, we hope to help our pupils to increase their self-esteem and self-worth. At the same time, we wish to discover and develop music talents in our members. We will continue to encourage them to work hard and instil in them a great sense of confidence, discipline and team spirit. 

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