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Serigala Games Day

On 20th April 2013, a total of 21 Metta scouts and 8 Scout leaders participated in the Serigala Games Day held at the Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore. The event was from 8.30am till 12.00pm.

A total of 8 schools participated in this memorable and exciting event. The schools comprised of MINDS- Towner Gardens School, MINDS- Lee Kong Chian Gardens School, MINDS- Fernvale Gardens School, MINDS-Woodlands Gardens School, APSN- Katong School, SPASTIC, AWWA and Metta School. A group of secondary school students from Dunman Secondary facilitated the Scavenger Hunt. Mohingan Cubs from Griffiths Primary School volunteered as co-emcee and games facilitators.

Upon arrival, our school scouts were divided into 12 different teams (Team A- Team L). The objective was for scouts to be able to work cooperatively with other scout members from the different schools. We were then greeted by the emcees and had an icebreaker game within our own allocated groups to know one another better.

After the ice breaker, the real fun began! It was time for the scavenger hunt within the school compound which everyone was looking forward to. We were given about an hour to complete the 6 different game stations led by the game facilitators. One of the scouts’ favourite games was the ‘Flour Game’. The scouts had to use their mouths to search for 10 lollipops hidden in the flour within the time frame given. Their faces were smeared with flour after the game but they had lots of fun!

Another interesting, simple and fun game that the scouts played was ‘Boccia’. They were briefed on how the game was to be played. Students had to stand in a circle and each of them was given two small balls each. They either had two red balls or two blue balls. A white ball (which was the target) was placed in the middle of the circle. All they had to do was to throw their balls as near to the target (white ball) as possible. However, they had to take turns to throw their balls. One of the winners from Team J was Nabilah Bte Jabal from Metta School.

An eye opener game was the ‘Driving Through’ game. Students had to sit on a motorized wheelchair to move from the starting point to the end point. Although it was only for a short distance, it was not that easy to manoeuver the motorized wheelchair. Through this game, students experienced what it felt like sitting and manoeuvring using a wheelchair.

The scouts participated in other games as well. They had to find a scarf hidden within the school compound. They had to take a photo when feeding fishes in the pond, find the school’s staff room and had a group photo taken while doing the scout salute. They had to assemble a 4-8 pieces of a scout logo jigsaw puzzle and also find a sculpture of parts of the school playground.

After our scavenger hunt, we all had our lunch at around 11.30 am served by Metta School Service Scouts, Alvina Lim, Muhammad Khairul, Janice Goh, Muhammad Ramdan and headed by one of our Scout Leaders, Ms Humaira.

The event concluded with the prize presentation. Team G emerged as the champion of the Scavenger Hunt Games led by Ms Calice from Metta school. Muhammad Shahrul and Muhammad Asyraf from Metta School were part of the team.

Everyone had a fun and enjoyable time!