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Welcome to Metta School » Service Learning
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Service Learning

On the morning of 8 September 2014, 13 students and six staff gathered excitedly at the 6th floor of the school’s building. They are here for service learning, 8th to 10th September, learning the skills of wall mural painting and hama beads craft in preparation for their year end trip to Metta School, Chiang Rai, Thailand from 28 November to 4 December. During this year end trip, they will help to beautify the school’s compound by painting wall murals on the walls surrounding the wall as well as teaching hama beads craft to the Thai students.

Having listened attentively to the’ dos and don’ts’ of wall mural painting, the group of students and staff, under the guidance of the teacher in charge, Ms Mary Lim, started dabbling their brushes with paint and placed their first stroke on the wall, adding colours to the plain wall. After lunch, the students were split into two groups, half to continue learning and practicing wall mural painting,   while the other half, under the supervision of Ms Serene Yap, embarked on their service learning in hama beads craft. By the end of the third day, having painted the wall with dinosaurs and creating their own masterpieces with hama beads, the students and staff were ready to embark on their trip, as embodied in the words of one of the students, Mohd Firdaus Bin Kamsin, Class: C4-3, who said “How I wish we are going to Metta School, Chiang Rai, tomorrow”.

Being firm believers of ‘practice makes perfect’, another service learning session for wall mural painting was arranged for the students and staff, on 24 & 25 November. This time, the wall painting sessions were modelled closer to the actual conditions in Metta School, Chiang Rai, Thailand. The same group of students and staff were to paint the walls of the roof top of the school’s building at Block 2. Under the guidance of Mr Gan, a veteran painter of 30 years and together with volunteers from the Standard Charterd Bank, another wall mural painting session kicked off. By the end of the second day, the students, staff, as well as volunteers, despite being subjected to the weather, expressed joy and satisfaction as they view their completed works.

With the departure for Metta School, Chiang Rai, Thailand, being just three days away, the students and staff embodies the school’s motto of ‘Knowledge and Compassion’ as they will be using their newly acquired knowledge and skills in wall mural painting and hama beads craft to beautify the Thai students’ learning environment as well as sharing with them the joy of hama beads craft.

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