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Shine Night 2019

In 2003, the school started the Performing and Visual Arts Programme, our belief is that our students will benefit greatly from the arts, and it will be something that they enjoy. Indeed, it is a programme that they love.

In the same year, November 2003, we have our first SHINE Night to showcase the students’ talent. The whole process will see our students gain confidence, self-worth, build bonds and teamwork with each other.

This year, on the 08 November 2019, we have our 14th SHINE Night. The students did wonders, and “wow” the audience. Here are some photos of the performance.

Angklung Ensemble performed ‘Rek Ayo Rek’ and Di Tanjong Katong’
Speech & Drama students put up a skit. This is their debut at SHINE Night
Essence of Wushu
Dragon Dance presents ‘Playful Feats with the Flaming Pearl’
Our adorable group of children showcase their dance titled
“No Excuses, Try Everything”.
Sparks & Circus Arts students performance titled ‘Baby Steps’
Chinese Orchestra presenting Reminiscence (忆)
Speech and Drama students sang two songs
Our percussionists presented the Colours of Samba
‘Metta Hotsteppers’ with Hua Yi Secondary School students to present their hip-hop dance performances to the upbeat songs of ‘South of the River’ and ‘Boom Boom’!
Ukulele Ensemble present 3 songs – ‘Senorita’, ‘Happy’ & ‘Shine’
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