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Teachers’ Day Celebration (AM/PM Combined)

On Wednesday, 4th September 2013, AM and PM combined session celebrated Teachers’ Day. Teachers’ Day is dedicated to teachers, who play a prominent role in the life of their students. The teachers act as the guide for life, show the path towards success and enrich the personality of their students by imparting ethical and academic knowledge.

 It was collaboratively planned and executed by Allied Health Department (AHD) and Job Coach Department (JCD). Both AM and PM students arrived early at 7.15am and were seated according to their class at the 2nd level multipurpose hall. The entire school sang the National Anthem, recited the Pledge and listened to Teachers’ Day speech which was given by our school principal, Ms Melison See.

The celebration started off with the teachers marching “walk in to the stage”, led by Ms See, Mr Anuwar and Mrs Liu. This was followed by the soothing harmony of Angklung performed by a group of students. Next, the Scouts came up with a catchy Malay dance. The students and teachers were fully geared up by those wonderful performances. Afterwards, Ms Marilyn & group performed the Ukulele. There were also colourful and energetic dance items by our C3-3, C4-2, C4-3, and V1 students to show their moves.

The highlight of the celebration was “Circus Arts with a Twist”, an unexpected performance by our allied health professionals to entertain our teachers and students on this special day. Mr Raj with “Stilt Walker”, Ms Marilyn & Ms Sylvia with “Diabolo,” Mr Leonard & Mr Noah with “Twisting Triangle.”

At the end of the celebration, all the teachers received some token of appreciation for their Tolerance, Energetic, Attitude, Commitment, Hardworking, Enthusiastic and Remarkable dedication towards their profession. Our students ran around to wish and greet their teachers letting them know how grateful they feel for their support and guidance in life. After having some refreshments, all the students were dismissed at 10.30am.

In conclusion, our Teachers’ Day Celebration 2013 successfully ended with lots of fun and happiness among teachers and students.

“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.”

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