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Teleconsultation with Raffles Medical Group assisted by Volunteers from Changi Airport Group

The teleconsultation with Raffles Medical Group (RMG) was conceptualised in June 2020 when the idea of virtual volunteering was proposed by Changi Airport Group (CAG). Due to the pandemic, our EPP students were not able to visit RMG clinic at terminal 4 for accessing medical services as part of our curriculum for Personal Management. To overcome the lapse in this area for the year, we explored the possibility of teleconsultation with RMG to access medical services. With the help of CAG, RMG came on board this journey with our students.

In the month of August and September 2020, the students learn new skills with the help of the volunteers from CAG. The students learn to register through WhatsApp video call and consultation with the doctor through Whatsapp; with the volunteers first, before proceeding to do the mock up with RMG doctors.

The skills for accessing medical services via teleconsultation are quite different from when one visits the clinic itself. The lessons have to be adapted to include the skills components as described in Table 2, with WhatsApp video call as the main channel for communication.

Skills Components for Teleconsultation

Student produced NRIC for registration with the clinic assistant (CAG volunteer)

Student requested by the doctor from RMG to check throat

Student requested by the doctor from RMG to check temperature

Volunteers from CAG and RMG expressed great interest to work with us again after this collaboration. Upon reflection, it will benefit our students more if they could visit the clinic itself taking into consideration too that it will likely be the mode for them to access medical services.

The teleconsultation also presented good opportunity for our students to practise their communication skills with a third party other than the teachers. We have conveyed our interest with CAG and RMG to continue with both modes of accessing medical services for next year.

Prepared by Ms Tan Bee Ngah

08 October 2020

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