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V1s Land Expedition Report 2019

On the 2nd May 2019, 18 students with a mixture of EPP and V1s, took part in 2 days 1-night Leadership Camp at Pulau Ubin. The objective of the camp was as follows

1) Students to exercise altruistic leadership

2) Outdoor skills – Map Reading, Tent Pitching and Outdoor Cooking

3) Nature Appreciation

This group of students had to complete a total of 15 tasks given by the Camp Chief in the form of Activity Checklist, using the tablets given to the groups. They had to travel at least 18 km to get the task done. Tasks included climbing the challenging Puaka Hill, take photo of at least 3 species of Butterflies at Butterflies Garden, and even protecting an egg for 2 days.

Outdoor skills like Cooking, Tent Pitching were all part of the learning needs for this camp.

During the Trekking, Leadership roles like Photo IC, Student Medic, and Water IC will be assigned to the students. Photos below showed 3 ICs, a Photo IC, Student Medic, and Water IC respectively.

The campers were tasked to cook their own dinner by using mass tin. The menu we gave them was Fried Rice with Spam and Vegetable.

They were tasked to pitch tent upon arrival at the campsite after their long day of trekking.

They were also tasked to protect an egg right from the start of the trekking till day 2. Many of their egg broke but was surprised a few of them managed to keep it well protected.

Debrief and sharing session with students penning their thoughts down on notebook.

All in all, teamwork, responsibility and resilience were very much needed for them to complete their task.  Many students voiced out that this camp is tiring but fun. Fun in the sense of trekking and doing activities together as a team. Having encounters with monkeys, dogs, insects are very interesting for some.

I will end off the report with a beautiful statement said by one EPP student, Jun Kai.

“I like the camp because I can see the sunshine! – Jun Kai”

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