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Visit To Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market

On 19 August 2014, V1-3 and V1-4 students visited the wholesale market. It was a real experience for them to be in a wholesale market and they were able to expand their knowledge on the varieties of vegetables, fruits and dry ration that are imported from other countries to Singapore.

Chef Chan guided the students and teachers throughout the tour of the market . The first stop was at an organic shop and students were told the meaning of ‘organic’ and the difference between organically and non organically grown vegetables and fruits.

Students were curious and teachers were overwhelmed with the many questions asked. They were surprised to find that ‘brinjals” can come in different sizes! At the dry ration shop, Chef Chan showed students the different sizes of ‘ikan billis’ and how some types can be used to make certain dishes to give a good flavour. At the fruit shop, some students were surprised to find a huge “Jackfruit”.

Learning can be fun and exciting. Not only did students learn about the different types of fruits , vegetables and dry ration, they also saw the amount of effort involved in packing these stuffs which involved many workers who work many hours per day.

It was indeed a good learning experience for the students!

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