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Vision, Mission & Values


The Metta student leads an independent and meaningful life.

Independent Self-managing in daily living
Gainfully employed
Meaningful Balanced in work and leisure
Emotionally happy with positive self-worth
Engaged with social connections
# Social connections involve relationships with family, friends, colleagues, teachers, etc.


To empower students to reach their fullest potential by providing a quality and holistic education.


    • Respect
    • Resilience
    • Responsibility
    • Openness
    • Compassion
    • Knowledge

With the below interpretation for staff and student

Values Interpretation for Student Interpretation for Staff
Respect We love ourselves.We are courteous and considerate.We care for our environment and community We value everyone.We value cultural diversity and social harmony.We value our environment
Resilience We do our best.We find ways to achieve our goals.We are determined to succeed. We persevere through challenges.We strive to be adaptable and resourceful.
Responsibility We are honest and reliable.We practise self-discipline.We make right choices. We honor our commitments.We fulfil our duties with passion.We are accountable for our words and actions.
Openness We are flexible and cooperative.We appreciate differences in each other.We are open to opportunities and challenges We embrace new ideas and changes.We celebrate diversity.
Compassion We are kind and caring.We help others who are in need.We are concerned citizens. We show kindness towards others.We contribute to our community.
Knowledge We are keen to learn.We learn to improve.We solve problems. We are lifelong learners.We apply knowledge for continuous improvement.We construct knowledge collectively.

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