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Lion Dance

Metta School Lion Dance Troupe was set up in 2003. With the introduction of dragon dance and festival drums training to the troupe in 2016, the troupe was renamed as the Metta Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe.

The Festival Drum, Dragon and Lion Dance performances are usually associated with joyous or auspicious social and festive occasions like opening ceremonies and Chinese New Year as they symbolize the spirit of unity and joy. We are thankful to the various organizations who invited us to perform and showcase our students’ skills and talents.

We provide members with the opportunity to engage in community services. These include annual Chinese New Year Celebration performance for various old folks’ home as well as participating in overseas VIA programmes like the Thailand Chiangrai Metta School opening of their School Hall in 2015 and the official opening of Dharma Rock Mountain Monastery School and Orphanage Taunggyi in Myanmar on 22nd June 2019.

On 3rd September 2019, Metta Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe collaborated with Changkat Primary School to share with the latter about the lion dance during their Chinese Culture Camp. Our students demonstrated and explained about the Lion Dance performance to the primary school students.

On 21st December 2019, our students participated in the Peace and Prosperity Singapura 2019 @ Marina Bay Floating Platform. This community event promotes racial and religious harmony; where 720 lions performed welcoming dances and established two new records in the Singapore Book of Records: the mass performance by the largest number of Lion Dances in Singapore and the greatest number of Lions at a single event.

On 26th January 2020, the troupe was invited to attend the Prime Minister’s Chinese New Year Open House at the Istana, to which they performed the Cai Qing (plucking the greens) and dragon eye-dotting at the venue.

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