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Metta School Scout first established its scout group with the Singapore Scout Association on 22 February 2007.  Metta SIMBA Scout Group is a new name given as one of the new milestones in Metta Scout Group’s history.  It was officially registered with the Singapore Scout Association in 2010.

SIMBA – derived from Swahili language (African dialect) means lion.  SIMBA is also a famous lion character in one of Walt Disney’s most famous animated feature films, The Lion King.  SIMBA depicts a playful but brave lion who strives to satisfy his curiosity.  Metta Scouts aspire to be brave youth and strive to discover and satisfy their curiosity for adventure and learning through play.

Scouting also inculcates discipline, leadership qualities and teamwork through informal education processes. We also encourage the overall development of youth with the emphasis on duty to God, duty to country and helping other people.

Metta SIMBA climbed Mount Kinabalu in 2010 as a celebration of 100 years of scouting in Singapore. They were awarded their first gold for Frank Cooper Sands Award which is an annual award to recognize the scout units who actively participated in scout activities organized by the unit itself, area or at the national level.


In April 2012, Metta Simba organized a community-based Serigala Campfire at Festival Park, Tampines Street 21. The campfire with the theme “Singapore in the Sixties” attracted many neighbours in the area who were born in the 1960s era.

From 2012 to 2018, Metta Simba had participated in 4 Agoonorees which is a large- scale camps for scout with special needs. They participated in Nippon Agoonorees in 2012 and 2016, Johor & Hong Kong Agoonoree in 2018. In these Agoonorees, the scouts were able to participate in various aspects of scout activities, learning the cultures of the scouts from the host countries.

Metta Simba organized Goodwill Trips for the special needs unit at a national level to Batam (2013), Brunei (2017) and Australia (2019). They visited fellow special needs scout unit in these countries and spent time interacting with each other, playing games, going for hikes, singing and dancing during campfires.

The year 2017 marked Metta Simba’s 10th Anniversary. In July, they had a bash and unveiled their own unit scarf to the public in the presence of the Chief Commissioner, Metta School principal and parents.

Metta Simba Scout Group has received the Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award for 7 consecutive years from 2012 to 2018 for their active participation in the local and international events. Let Metta Simba Scout continues to roar actively in the near future!

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