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Graduation and Prize Giving Day 2020

This year, our school Prize Giving & Graduation Day was planned and organized unprecedentedly over three days during which each programme partook the occasion and celebrated the achievements for the year with joy. We were glad to have our guests-of-honour for all the six rounds of celebrations. They are Venerable Chao Khun Fa Zhao, President of Metta Welfare Association, Chairman of School Management Committee, Mr Ee Tiang Hwee, Honorary Secretary for Metta Welfare Association, School Supervisor, member of School Management Committee and Venerable Shi You Guang, Vice-President of Metta Welfare Association, Honorary Treasurer of School Management Committee and Ms Felicia Wee, Deputy Executive Director of Metta Welfare Association. participated

They graced the occasion on the following days:

Session17th Nov18th Nov19th Nov
AMV / EPP Programme
(V2, V4, EPP)
Senior A Programme
(A8 – A12)
Lower C / V Programme
(C3-C4, V1, V3)
PMJunior A Programme
(A1 – A7)
B Programme
(B1 – B6)
Lower C Programme
(C1 – C2)

Due to the pandemic situation, school follows the MOE stipulated safe management measures. Parents were also not able to join us for the event. Nevertheless, the event went on wonderfully despite the smaller number of audience. No efforts were spared in many aspects such as students’ involvement, programmes and decoration of event venue. The gorgeous garden theme that brought such delight to all that was present were the hard work of our staff making handmade decoration materials as well and some of the Junior A Programme students’ art pieces. The balloons sculpture by our Job Coach Department encapsulated the whole pleasant setting.

A photo booth was set up for all the graduating students and teachers to take memorable photos together as part of their fond memories before leaving school.

The dazzling performances from our performing arts group that that normally took place live during this event took on another form through video. This provided useful opportunities for almost all the students to be included was they do not have to contend with the challenges of performing live.

This intimate celebration also allowed for time for our Visual Arts to be given its own showcase through videos. Impressive display of our students’ dexterity and skill was certainly another sight to behold.

With the Home Based Learning (HBL) finding its foothold in the education system this year, the school also came up with new awards to recognise our students’ effort during the HBL. Numerous “Best in Home Based Learning” were given to our students in all the programmes.

Our valedictorians, both in the AM and PM session delivered their speech live and touched upon many tender heart-warming points about how much they have learnt, grown and bloomed because of the passion, care and hard work of the school staff and friends. One of our graduating students, Crystal Tay, presented an impressive digital art piece drawn by herself to school. It was a picture of Metta School, meticulously and creatively drawn. 

Overall, the celebration was a joyous and memorable occasion for all the guests, staff and students. It gave a soothing and satisfying end to this challenging yet interesting year.

To the graduating students, we wish them all the best for the future that lies ahead, leading a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life.

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