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Metta School 20th Year Anniversary

We are 20 this year.

Metta School is celebrating our 20th Anniversary in 2021.

The 20th Anniversary Logo is designed by our Art Teacher, Mr Alan Toh.

It is made up of the number 20, Metta School name in both Chinese and English; in the shape of a full bloom lotus.

On the 17 April 2021, the school launch our 20th Anniversary Commemorative Magazine.

Please click here to access to our 20th Anniversary Commemorative Magazine.

On this happy occasion, our alumni that are admitted to ITE Nitec courses, received the scholarship and sponsorship award from Metta Welfare Association. The award is presented by Venerable Chao Khun Fa Zhao.

Our Alumni Kai Jie and Dowen also give a thank you speech.

Kai Jie shared that he is currently enrolled in a Higher Nitec Course. He mentioned that the knowledge and skills he acquired in Metta School is very helpful for him in ITE, although it is not directly related to the course he is currently taking. He thanked the teachers and trainers in Metta School for being nurturing and supportive for his years at Metta School.

Dowen shared that he did not even speak a word of English when he joined Metta School. However, the teachers are very patience with him; now he is proud to be able to speak confidently in English. He thanked the school staff for being caring and supportive during his 10 years in Metta School. He is also appreciative to the school for nominating him for the Lee Kuan Yew Exemplary Character Award.

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