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Metta School Performing Art Dance, 4 Days Overseas Exchange and Performance Trip to Jakarta, Indonesia

On 20 Dec 2019, our exuberant Metta Hotsteppers embarked on their first 4 days Overseas Exchange and Performance Trip to Jakarta Indonesia. Our team of 17 dancers were accompanied by their teachers and dance instructor Mr Jin.

Our Metta dancers were excited over the opportunity to collaborate with the G Star dancers from Gigi Art of Dance (Jakarta) and to visit their country. The hours of dance practices by both teams of dancers paid off with their heart-warming performance on 22 December which received standing ovation by the audience.

It has been a meaningful and enriching experience for our Metta dancers. They acquired a deeper appreciation of the rich diversity of dance culture in Indonesia. The trip also provides the invaluable opportunity for our dancers to practise the school values of responsibility, resilience, respect and teamwork and become more independent and confident.

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