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Metta School Virtual Art Gallery

Metta School is celebrating our 20th Anniversary in 2021.

Metta School is founded by Venerable Chao Khun Fa Zhao, under the umbrella of Metta Welfare Association, supported by Ministry of Education (MOE) and National Council of Social Service (NCSS). In celebrating our 20th Anniversary, we showcase our students’ talent and creativity in having this Virtual Art Exhibition. We thank you for the support.


慈光学校于2001年, 得到教育部和国家福利理事的支持; 由赵坤发法师创办, 隶属于慈光福利会。 庆祝慈光学校的 20 周年之际,学校举办虚拟艺术展展示学生的才华和创造能力。感谢大家的支持。

Metta School started the Performing and Visual Arts Programme (PVA) in 2003, to allow students to experience and develop interest and enjoyment in their own creativity and that of others. PVA programme had since become the school’s signature programme.


The students will explore, acquire and develop skills needed in the area of performing arts and visual arts. They learn to communicate their feelings, thoughts and ideas through art and learn to appreciate performances and artwork done by others.



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