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C Programme

C Programme caters for our students between the ages 13 to 16 years old, preparing them for vocational skills training and/or employment. The curriculum covers Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN); Science, Vocational Education (VE), Home Economics (HE), CCE, Physical Education, Performing & Visual Arts (PVA) and the Integrated Training in Housekeeping, Food Preparation and Baking.

To “initiate” students into the World-of-Work, the VE programme introduces students to different jobs in some common industries. This allows the students to explore “Skills, Knowledge, Interests, and Preferences” (SKIP) so that they can evaluate their options for future employment.  Students acquire basic work skills such as general cleaning and learning how to measure weight and volume. Soft skills are taught explicitly to inculcate good work habits and etiquette. Students also learn how to fill up job application forms, attend interviews, and work in authentic settings.

School-to-Work programme is organized for the 15-year-old students to experience the working culture for 10 days of training in school, while the 16-year-old students progress to external worksites such as cafes and restaurants.

C 课程为13至16岁的学生而设,课程包括工作场所语言与数学 (WPLN) 、科学、体育、品德与公民教育、表演及视觉艺术、职业教育和培训—家政及职场实习。

为了让学生易于进入职业生涯,低C 班 (C1-C2班) 和职业教育 (VE) 会向学 生介绍一些普遍行业 内的各类工作, 并探讨他们的”技能、知识、兴趣和 偏好”(SKIP),启发他们开始 思考未 来就业的选择。


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