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Employment Pathway Programme

EPP is a two-year non-certification vocational track programme that admits students from 17 years old.  The vocational training curriculum in EPP covers hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills training focuses on the knowledge and skills which the students are required to execute during job trials and on-site work experience. The soft skills training focuses on the working habits such as grooming, attendance, punctuality, effective communication and problem solving skills.

17 years old students experience 3 job trials, with each job trial lasting for two weeks.  The job trials provide students with the opportunities to experience the different industries. The 18 years old students have opportunities for on-site work experience.  The programme aims to help students achieve the desirable work habits, to attain skills required for the industry they work in and to build up their stamina to prepare them for work life after school.

Students are trained to attain the Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) certification in “Perform Basic Cleaning of Hard Floor Surfaces” and “Follow F&B Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures”.

Working with SG Enable, suitable pathways such as supported employment, customized employment and internships will be identified for each of the students who are assessed to be work-capable upon graduation. Students will be referred to SG Enable for further training and support.

EPP 课程为17至18岁、并在非职业证书途径的轻度智障和轻度自闭症学生而设,让他们在18岁毕业后能从学校顺利过渡到职场。学生将接受职业技能培训,如新技能资格 (WSQ) 课程、食品与卫生课程和在职培训。

在职培训旨在帮助学生达到理想的工作习惯,流利掌握他们所在行业的技能,并建立他们的耐 力,为他们毕业后的工作生活做好准备。 学校与新加坡协助残障人自立局 (SG Enable) 合作为每位在毕业时被评估为具有工作能力的学生,确定合适的途 径,如支持就业、定制就业和实习。 新加坡协助残障人自立局进一步接受培训和支持。

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