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Circus Art

Metta Circus Art is one of the performing arts where students are able to express their creativity by performing and sometimes inventing their own tricks using props which they specialise in. Presently, students in Metta Circus Art perform tricks such as spinning plates and poi, juggling diabolos and clubs as well as stilt walking.

The activities helped the students in the following areas:

  • Enhanced hand-eye coordination, and visual – spatial perception;
  • Improved ability to concentrate for prolonged periods of time;
  • Stronger throwing and catching skills;
  • Sturdier neuromuscular balance,
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem when students master skills and their peers cheer for them;
  • Increased resilience and patience as students realise that failing is part of the process towards success;

Improved communication as they need to coordinate with their peers to perform group tricks.

Furthermore, Circus Art allows students to let their imaginations go wild as they can perform any trick they can think of and everything else is just up to practice. With increased confidence and stronger ability to concentrate, most students in Circus Art have also demonstrated an improvement in their academic prowess.

Being in Circus Art has taught them that with enough perseverance, they can transform seemingly impossible tasks to easily achievable ones.

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