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The Metta School Ukulele Ensemble was formed in July 2015. Since its set-up, the ensemble had performed at various occasions, both in school and at external events, including the Metta Charity Golf Dinner, Metta Charity Carnival and at the Children’s Day celebration at Gong Shang Primary School.  The ensemble collaborated with the Victoria Junior College Guitar Ensemble in 2016 to put up a joint mini-concert in school.

The programme provided great learning experiences for our students in enhancing their self-confidence and self-esteem. Through these musical activities, we hope to develop the love for music in our members  and to instil the value of self-discipline and teamwork.

In 2016, the ensemble collaborated with Victoria Junior College Guitar Ensemble to put up a joint mini-concert in school.

Collaboration with VJC Guitar Ensemble

Joint Mini-Concert with VJC Guitar Ensemble

Performance at Gong Shang Primary School for Children’s Day Celebration

The Ensemble started to collaborate with parents for performances in 2018. In the following year, there was a collaboration involving 60 participants comprising of students, parents, trainers from Metta School and Raffles Institution, as well as choir members from Ave Maria Choir. Together, they performed in Shine Night Concert and An Extra.Ordinary Celebration at University Cultural Centre. The Ensemble performed at The Istana in December 2019.

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