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ASD Programme

The aim of our ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) curriculum is to provide a learning experience that will allow our students with ASD to live meaningful and fulfilling lives. Students with ASD will be placed in a more structured classroom setting, benefit from a smaller class size and a greater teacher to student ratio.

Learning is fully maximized and independent skills are greatly enhanced in our structured and organized classroom as students will be more independent in a predictable, meaningful and conducive environment. Structured teaching is used to teach independence, flexibility, self-organisation and management of stress using strategies such as physical structure, schedule, work system and visual structure.

Our ASD programme places a lot of emphasis on social and social-communication skills, through strategies such as Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) meaningfully introduced in different settings inside and outside the classroom. Our students with ASD will have the opportunity to integrate into the MID classes if they are ready to assimilate into a bigger classroom environment and benefited in its programme. Multidisciplinary approach is adopted as different professionals look at their physical, intellectual, emotional and social abilities of the student.

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