Educational Model

Metta Curriculum

Central to the Metta Curriculum framework is person-centredness.

We consider the Interests, Preferences, Strengths and Needs (IPSN) of students as we develop them holistically. Like a microchip, our curriculum which uses ICT as an enabler endeavours to “programme” our students’ lives towards meaningfulness upon their graduation. Every Metta student has an ICT tool and is explicitly taught digital-readiness skills, so that he can better access the curriculum and be more self-directed in his learning.

Our holistic curriculum covers 6 domains, with each domain being given varying emphasis at different ages. For Academics (Literacy and Numeracy), learners are banded by proficiency levels within each programme, so that lessons can be pitched at their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) to ensure learning success. On the other hand, students are given option to partake in the Performing and Visual Arts lessons that interest them and provide fulfilling engagement.

Teachers adopt evidence-based pedagogies to meet the diverse needs of all our learners, leveraging on their strengths, interests and preferences. To support students in making meaningful connections to the real world, teaching is not bound by the confines of a classroom and are often delivered through authentic experiences.

Underpinning the curriculum is our school values, “R3OCK”, which pervade all school activities. Through CCE lessons and teachable moments, teachers further reinforce the right mindsets and beliefs our students need to have, in order to achieve their potential, dreams and goals.