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Vocational Programme

V Programme

The Vocational Programme is a certification programme that caters to selected students aged 17 years and above, based upon the basic entry requirements specified. The aim of Vocational Programme curriculum is to provide and prepare students to obtain nationally recognized vocational certification so that they are work ready and/or gainfully employed.

Eligible students are offered ITE Skills Certification (ISC) in Baking, Food Preparation and Housekeeping Operation (Accommodation). Apart from the specialised vocational training, students will be taught Workplace Literacy & Numeracy, Vocational Education, Physical Education & Performing Arts. Entry requirement is WPL Level 2 in Reading and Listening; and WPN Level 1.

In 2013, two new courses were offered – ISC in Baking Practices and ISC in Hospitality Services. Entry requirement is WPL Level 4 in Reading and Listening. Students in the programmes undergo 950 training hours, including 250 hrs on-the-job training. Upon successful completion of the programmes and acquisition of WPL level 5 in Reading, Speaking, Listening & Writing, students are eligible for application into NITEC programmes at ITE.

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