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Vocational Programme

Vocational Programme aims to prepare students to attain nationally recognized vocational certification so that they can be gainfully employed upon graduation.

The school offers a two-year ITE Skills Certificate (ISC) programme in Baking, Food Preparation and Housekeeping Operations (Accommodation). In the first year, students go through a minimum of 140 hours of off-the-job-training within the school which are offered by ITE-approved trainers in industrial-standard facilities. The second year involves at least 528 hours of on-the-job-training (OJT) in industrial worksites so that students can learn in authentic settings.  Apart from hard skills training, Vocational Education targets to imbue students with skills, knowledge and attitude which will enable them gain and sustain employment, through goal-setting, problem-solving and life-long learning.

The curriculum is holistic with time allocated to Workplace Literacy & Numeracy, Physical Education, Performing Arts and Co-curricular Activities, the latter to instill stronger discipline and teamwork through uniform group activities. 

At the end of the two years, students who meet the entry requirements can progress to pursue another two-year ISC in Baking Practices or Hospitality Services. This programme includes 750 hours of off-the-job-training in school and 250 hours of industrial experience (OJT). Skills coverage is broader and deeper, strengthening the students’ confidence as they advance to their post-graduation options.

V 课程为17至21岁的学生而设,按照工艺教育学院技能证书2个单元的课程,开办酒店客房服务、食物制备以及烘焙,共140小时的非在职训练及528小时的在职培训。学校聘用具备证书资格的导师和评估员进行培训。本校于2013年提供烘焙和酒店服务的4个单元的工教局技能证书课程。课程的入学标准是具备工作场所语言与计算能力中第4级阅读和聆听的程度。学生必须接受950个小时的培训,其中包括250个小时的在职培训。学生在完成课程后并达到工作场所语言与计算能力中第5级阅读、会话、聆听和书写的程度,就可以申请报读工艺教育学院的国家工艺教育局证书课程。

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