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Metta Wushu Empowers Gong Fu Kids


Metta School introduced Wushu in the year 2003. At present, it has 29 students learning the performing art once a week with each lesson lasting for one and a half hours. Younger students between 9 to 13 years old are generally more interested in learning Wushu with 18 of them in the group.

DevelopmentIn 2007, Metta students started practicing with the Wushu Fan instead of the traditional hands, fists and legs movements. This is because students generally feel bored after they have practiced the basic strokes consistently. In addition, learning Wushu Fan has exposed the students to Wushu equipment.

Few students have been with the Wushu team for the past three years. Students like Alex Soh, Raymond Tan, Kiefer, Sim Shi Yang are four outstanding ones.

Raymond Tan, Kiefer found the Chinese martial art interesting and it helps to build up body wellness whereas Alex Soh likes Wushu stunts, fists and kicks interesting because he is eager to learn.


Students gain the following benefits after learning the physical art for several months:

  •  It allows them to know Chinese culture and language better.
  •  It improves the students’ agility, stamina, physical and co-ordination abilities.
  •  It enhances the students’ determination and learning abilities through practices, and increases their selfconfidence through performances.
  •  It builds up the students’ team dynamics and team spirit.
  •  It helps the students in slimming, muscle relaxation &  
  • It is a good remedial against obesity, poor attention span and fatigue.

With three students, we went to Xiamen University, China for training. The objective is to enhance the basic strokes and other techniques of Wushu.  The students had benefited and student like Alex was well above the rest of the students in the Wushu groups.  He put in every inch of his effort when the instructor taught a new skill.  He remembered and then put into practice by himself.

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