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NCC Camp

On the 24-25 August 2017, the V3 students participated in a 2D1N NCC camp conducted in collaboration with NCCHQ at AMOY Quee Camp at Ang Mo kio. The objective of the camp is to give METTA school youths a chance to experience the regimentation and discipline that youths experience during National Service.

Some of the activities conducted during the camp includes:

  • Learning to wear the SAF Uniform and folding it to Smart 4 standards
  • Basic marching and learning of the marching commands.
  • Tent Pitching and learning how to do outdoor cooking using solid fuel and mess tins
  •  Run through of the standard obstacle course
  • Attempting the flying fox high element and paintball within camp grounds


This is a good initiative as students learnt the importance of national service and the various components of what National Service entails. Moreover students had the opportunity to interact with each other and move out of their comfort zones, camping outdoors for a night and marching from point to point. The collaboration with NCCHQ also allows the camp to be tailored to the learning needs of the students which in turn enhances their experiences.

What do students have to say about the NCC camp?

“During the NCC camp I learnt some of the basic foot drills that the army use to march. Sergeant Joseph shared on some of their training with us which was interesting to hear” – Sarhan

“I overcame my fear of heights and I learnt we have to fall in fast when getting ready to march. I learnt how the army is like and flying fox is fun. I would definitely want to try this camp again” – Wei Lun

“I had fun trying out the flying fox during the NCC camp.” – Maryam

What do teachers have to say about the NCC camp?

“This NCC camp was a great way for the students to bond and get to know life from a different perspective. They also had great fun trying the flying fox and paintball.”- Stanley

“The NCC camp allowed the students to be more independent then usual and also let them learn basic skills such as tent pitching and adjusting to new surroundings that are unfamiliar to them. Overall I felt this was a good way for them to experience national service and the importance of national service. “- Muru


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