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ASD Programme

A Programme curriculum aims at providing a learning experience that allow our students with ASD to lead meaningful and independent lives. The students benefit from the smaller class size and greater teacher to student ratio. Structured teaching is used to train independence, flexibility and self-organisation skills.  Strategies include physical structure, schedule, work system and visual structure. The curriculum focuses mainly on the development of independent living skills. The Junior A Programme emphasizes on development of functional literacy and numeracy, communication as well as self-management skills. Programmes such as Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is introduced in different settings inside and outside the classroom. The Senior A Programme focuses on the development and application of functional skills needed for adulthood- travelling, making purchases, independence in daily living and simple work skills to enhance work readiness.

Students in the A Programme can integrate into the MID classes if they are ready to assimilate into a bigger classroom environment and obtain greater benefit in learning from the MID programme.  

A 课程专为患有自闭症的学生所需要的学习和发展而设。旨在发展和改善学生的社交和沟通技巧、行为和情绪发展、认知能力以及日常生活适应技能等。本校也提供“图卡沟通训练”(PECS),并针对4大领域采用全面的结构性教学:体能、每日作息日程、工作系统及视觉架构。高年级自闭症学生的课程着重在就业前职业训练,而低年级学生则专注于自理等培训,以便有能力独立生活。如果学生能融入更大的教室环境,并能在轻度智障课程学习中获得更大的得益,就会转 读轻度智障课程。

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