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Metta Wushu Empowers Gong Fu Kids

Students learning wushu from the instructor from Wudang, China.

Metta School introduced Wushu in 2003. Metta Wushu students are eager learners of traditional Chinese Martial Arts, despite challenging movements and strenuous training. Through learning wushu, our students

  • improves in their agility, stamina, physical and co-ordination abilities
  • builds determination  through practices
  • builds self–confidence through performances
  • builds team work

Students performed for various occasions including putting up an item at the Purple Parade together with the students from Hwa Chong Institution in 2019. This was the 2nd year of collaboration between the two schools.

Performance at the Istana on the 2nd day of CNY, 06 February 2019

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